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Acerbis Miami

Founded in 1973 by Franco Acebis, the establishment of the company was carried out from the obstacles and challenges that Franco was struggling with in his personal racing career in the early 1970s. The first products to be made by the company were called the NOST front fenders. This was Franco's answer to the short stock fenders that weren't much of a help in preventing mud from soaking and blocking his and fellow racer's vision amid the racing competition.

With a company slogan "Soul and Passion is what separates a life rich in humanity and emotions from a life without them," ACEBIS has designed and manufactured their extensive range of products with soul and passion. They have come up with the best and most reliable Acebis apparel to improve the performance of drivers and racers on the track. Acebis motorcycle accessories and gears are produced with innovation and protection at its core, maintaining the same enthusiasm and commitment since the company started nearly 40 years ago.

Acebis gear is designed with more than three decades of experience and has worked for some of the best off-road racers in the world. The company has empowered consistent technical improvements and has been deemed as one of the deluxe companies within the automotive industry.

At present, the company serves different countries in Europe and the US with their long lineup of Acebis motorcycle accessories and gear, including front fenders, rear fenders, radiator shrouds, side panels, lower fork covers and full plastic kits.

If you're looking for an Acebis Miami dealer, you can find the nearest available branch on their website or by inquiring from their custom support area. Acebis Miami dealer for Acebis apparel is currently flourishing not just in Miami but other states as well with the continuous growth and development of Acebis gear.

Aside from their range of Acebis accessories being strapped on to almost every racer and motorcycle rider worldwide, Acebis is also a sponsor of many known and well established riders in their respective industries. For off-road motorcycling: Kurt Caselli, Charlie Mullins and Mike Brown and many more. The company also features sponsored riders for motocross and super cross racing, free style racing and even ATV racing. Working with a multitude of pro-racers across the globe, Acebis accessories have definitely been tested to the teeth and can be relied on for high quality and efficiency.


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