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When you purchase a motorcycle helmet, many people focus on the color or design of the helmet and if it's aesthetically pleasing to them. However, those serious about motorcycle riding in Miami know that a good, well-designed helmet can be the difference between walking away from an accident or having permanent brain damage for life.

ARAI helmets have a long held a standard of top quality. Not surprisingly, their retail price is not cheap either. But when you're purchasing protection for your brain bucket, going cheap is probably a bad idea anyways.

Unlike bargain motorcycle helmets which can be had for as little as $90, ARAI helmets in Miami motorcycle shops come with significantly more built in protection inside the helmet as well as outside. Trying one on at a Miami ARAI dealer, you can feel the difference immediately. The helmet interior doesn't slop around. Correctly fitted with the right size, a customer will notice an ARAI helmet wears like a snug glove around the cranium and facial area. The internal and external features are well beyond any minimum baseline of protection required by U.S. Department of Transportation or Snell standards.

If you're still not sure about the safety level of ARAI helmets, then take a moment and watch a professional motorcycle race. A good Miami ARAI dealer will have a DVD or two of a recent motorcycle race in their shop. Pay particular attention to what kind of helmets are being used by the riders competing. You will likely notice that ARAI commands the majority of helmets on the track and for good reason. These riders are risking life and limb at incredibly high speeds and turns. They are not going to use sub-par equipment when they can afford far better, even when sponsored.

For those looking for ARAI helmets in Miami, there are plenty of Miami motorcycle shops that are certified as Miami ARAI helmet dealer. The helmet is so popular nationwide in the U.S. as a standard of protection, many shops strive to land a dealership approval if they can manage it.

Whichever motorcycle helmet you do decide to ultimately go with, always make sure it fits properly. Try multiple helmets on to find the right size for your head. The helmet should not be so hard to get on that it hurts your ears, and it should not slop around loose once put on completely. A snug fit is the ideal fitting, and you may need to try a few different helmets to get the right comfort level.


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