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AVON Motorcycle Tyres Miami

Avon motorcycle tyres are high-quality tyres manufactured in the United States for use on all manner of motorcycles. Styles are available for both standard street bikes and racing applications. The US-made Avon motorcycles tyres are based on the larger Avon tyres corporation out of England. The company has more than a century in the motorcycle tyres business and over the years has honed the tire manufacturing process to create a high-quality and reliable motorcycle tire brand. With the expansion of Avon tyres into the US market you can now find the products at Miami Avon dealer locations

Avon motorcycle tyres are manufactured for a variety of uses and depending on the use a rider will want to focus on a specific product line when browsing their Miami Avon dealer. The line of ultra-high performance and high performance Avon tyres are created specifically for track use or racing. The tire compound features extremely high grip for quick handling and extreme lean angles when dealing with tight track corners. The rubber is also formulated to reach optimal temperature quickly, a must during competitive racing.

The Avon Miami store also offers several lines of sportier Avon motorcycle tyres. These products combine the standard Avon performance and quality with more road-friendly and casual rider-friendly aspect. That includes a design that promotes more gas mileage on long rides without sacrificing handling on any surface. The sport line of Avon tyres are made with multiple compounds in the rubber. It provides excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions but also enhances rider comfort by providing a smoother roll.

An Avon Miami store will be able to answer any question about which sporting tire is the best fit for which motorcycle. Because the sport line of Avon tyres is a popular choice for even the most casual rider, each product comes in a variety of sizes and rim types. They range from a 110-sized all the way to a larger 200-sized wheel and can fit rim sizes up to 6.5.

Avon tyres provide an excellent combination of economy, performance, quality and durability. Decades of tire-making experience shine through with several product lines tailored to any style of motorcycle and rider. From racing to occasional street riding there is likely an Avon tire that can improve the ride of any bike.


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