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KBC helmets Miami

Looking at the excellent motorcycle helmets available today in a Miami KBC store, it is hard to believe that 40 years ago most motorcyclists were wearing what was called a "Lindy Cap". It was a simple thin leather cap that strapped on the head, similar to those worn by airplane pilots of that time. There was no padding of any kind or protection from an accident

Today KBC Helmets in Miami are the choice of the majority of people who engage in this sport. Its excellent construction, comfort, and color make it outstanding against its competitors. There are numerous models, each of which is designed for comfort as well as full ultra-shock in case of an accident. These are available with a Miami KBC dealer

Very popular KBC Helmets are the VR4R Carbon, VR4R Olympia Replica, VR Leguna, VR iBall, VR solid, V Zero, V Helmet, Normal Half, and Magnum. The Olympia Replica KBC Helmet has a five star rating, and is an outstanding addition to any motorcycle outfit. Each helmet is available in a striking combination of design and color, which makes a spectacular sight on the highway.

There is a KBC Helmet available for race wear, dirt wear, or street wear. Motocross and off-road helmets are specially designed to allow an even flow of air while engaging in this sport.

KBC Helmets in Miami have become a hot item on the motorcycle accessory market. It is easy to find a Miami KBC dealer nearby with a quick check of the Internet. On that site a full line of these helmets will be displayed with a complete description of each. The price range of these helmets is well within any rider's budget.

A KBC Miami dealer will explain how each helmet is constructed and its advantages compared to competitive models. For example, the VR4R helmet is available in both a tri-composite and a carbon fiber shell. It is lightweight and features built-in ventilation channels in its design. In addition, it has a suede liner which easily absorbs sweat. It has reached some distinction because of its use by the American Bobsled and Skeleton Teams at the Olympics

A visit to a Miami KBC store will show a spectacular display of colors, designs, and KBC Helmets of every type. It is an excellent way to fly down the highway not only protected from harm, but comfortable and in the latest style at the same time.


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