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Miami is a great place to ride a motorcycle. The climate, beaches and people make up ideal conditions for riding and wearing Shift gear in Miami. Although motorcycle riding is fun, it can also be dangerous and requires this quality safety gear. Residents can learn about Shift accessories by reading this article.

Motorcycles travel at high speeds and a collision can result in unsightly road rash. Leather jackets are the best way to prevent this and they are available through a Shift Miami dealer. Shift accessories, such as jackets come in various sizes ranging from small to 3X large. Clearance prices are also available for customers that desire affordable Shift gear

Shift Apparel for the feet are a necessity when riding a motorcycle. Shift gear in Miami offers shoes with grip for the gears and pavement, not to mention that the feet will be protected from hazards. When riders purchase Shift gear in Miami, they make a prudent investment in their safety. There are two types of street shoes, which are made out of durable and stylish leather. Prices from a Shift Miami dealer range from $79.99 to $99.99.

There is nothing worse than riding in the rain and wind with bare hands. The cold is bitter right down to the bone and this is a reason to purchase Shift gear from a local dealer. A Shift Miami dealer will have a large selection of affordable gloves that come in various designs. The Shift gear glove sizes will be able to accommodate most individuals. The styles of shift apparel will include Vertex, Fury and Chaos gloves.

When Miami residents desire attractive street clothes, they can shop at shift. The company offers hoodies and hats, which all have the company logo in various designs. The hoodies are made out of quality cotton, come in different colors and are suitable for riding on a motorcycle. Hats come in fitted and flexfit designs with sizes that range from small to XL. T-shirts for men and women are also available in black with various patterns.

Motorcycle riders can cruise the streets of Miami with peace of mind knowing that they have shift apparel. The apparel features an attractive look and durable materials, which will help the rider avoid injury. Riders should visit a local dealer and purchase Shift accessories.


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