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In the world of motorsports, there is nothing quite like a helmet camera to capture the action as it's happening. For motorcycle enthusiasts only an HD helmet cam will do. There's even an HD surf camera to grab footage of an amazing ride on the perfect wave.

Choosing the best action camera begins with comparison shopping at Direct Motorsports. Go Pro is one of the best-known brands around with products like the HD Hero.

Go Pro cameras are known for durability, great audiovisual quality and ease of use. At the end of the day, the footage stored on the Hero Go Pro camera can be downloaded to a PC for editing before it's posted online.

But what if there were a sports video camera that allowed the user to edit and post footage straight from the camera? GoPro Hero can't do that. What if a motorcycle camera were equipped with GPS that allowed the viewer to watch video footage that interacted with a map of that awesome ride? No Go Pro HD camera has it.

Contour does. It's the new challenger on the Go Pro Miami scene and people are taking notice. Direct Motorsports wants its customers to know that Contour HD cameras can do everything and more that a GoPro HD can do, and for about the same price. Even better, Contour pioneered the first wearable HD helmet cam. A sleek low profile and a superlight 4.3-ounce weight make the ContourHD 1080p the action camera to have for motorsports or anywhere that weight and aerodynamics count.

The Contour GPS offers a level of connectivity that GoPro HD just can't match while weighing only 5.3 ounces. There's no sacrifice in the video quality, either. This camera offers three resolutions and two frame rates. There's minimal distortion so every shot is high quality.

The Contour GPS HD helmet camera boasts Bluetooth technology and a mobile app built into it. This capability lets anyone use his cell phone as a convenient viewfinder without all the cables GoPro cameras need to hook up to a PC for viewing. It even works with the Mac OS so downloading software makes it perfect for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The staff at Direct Motorsports can't wait to put this feature through its paces.

Contour also offers a full range of power supplies, batteries, spare parts and extra memory, always in short supply when shooting and editing video. Picking the straightest line going into a turn saves seconds on the race course. Using a Contour HD head camera saves precious time when editing, viewing and posting footage. Faster, tougher, lighter and leaner counts. Direct Motorsports thinks Contour wins in the helmet cam race.


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