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Dainese Miami

The year was 1967, and a road trip between Italy and London saw Mr. Lino Dainese gather inspiration for what is today one of the very finest, and innovative motorcycle apparel and helmet crafters in the world.

It was the riders that were wearing all black leathers that inspired Dainese motorcycle apparel. Mr. Dainese described the look as "cavalier". What Dainese wanted was different though, so he started his own company in 1972.

Learning to sew from tailors in Molvena, Italy Mr. Dainese, in 1973, was able to bring about his own brand of leathers, leathers that had "Italian flair", and what that meant was bright colors. Yellow, blue and green were the first options, and they were a hit. The world had never seen this before, it was totally original. Mr. Dainese points out that his chief concern, at that time, may have been style, but safety has always played a role in everything they do.

Dainese motorcycle apparel is an innovative company, they are responsible for a lot of industry "firsts". The above mentioned colored leather is obviously a big deal, but what about knee sliders? That's right, Dainese motorcycle apparel was the first to incorporate knee sliders or "pucks" into a suit. That one was for Kenny Roberts, and of course it is now used by thousands.

Other innovations?

How about padding? Seems simple enough, but before Dainese started padding their suits it was unheard of. What about spine protection? How about the "speed hump"? Most don't know it, but Dainese created the speed hump for motorcyclists to brace their helmets against, such was the turbulence and poor handling of the bikes at hat time.

Stepping into the future with Direct Motorsports/Dainese Miami

Dainese has worked hard on their D-AIR system, which if you have been living under a rock, is their leather suit/jacket installed air-bag system. Truly innovative and available now at Direct Motorsport Sports/Dainese Miami. Dainese current line-up is an incredible array of, protection based, style. Never before has safety looked so good. Take a look at our full line of Dainese apparel, including Dainese helmets, leathers and everything in between! Dainese apparel Miami, before now, was next to impossible to find. Not anymore! With Dainese Miami, based retail store Direct Motorsports, you finally have everything you've been looking for.


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