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DynoJet Miami

The Dynojet Power Commander is possibly the best accessory you can buy for your motorcycle! Power command Miami is available, and one of the best places to buy any models of power comander is at Direct Motorsports.

We are a very well-known motorcycle shop and for good reasons! Not only do they have any kind of motorcycle you want; they can also get whatever parts you need. Direct Motorsports is your number one spot in Miami to buy a DynoJet Power Commander because we have the best prices, customer service, and installation services.

When you buy a power commander you don't have to cut or splice the harness, thanks to the original equipment style connectors. The power commander's onboard microprocessor will allow you to make changes to your bike's fuel and ignition curves. It has a fuel injection and ignition timing unit that plugs in line with a motorcycle's stock ECU. The Dynojet commander can be pre-programmed with preferred settings.

It also comes with software and a cable link, allowing you to make changes between different maps or adjustments to a map file. The Power Commander Dynojet delivers unbelievable power! The engine can produce the maximum possible horsepower for a given combination. For example, a street rider spends a lot of time riding in part throttle conditions. You can adjust the Power Commander to work with your level and preference of riding. The Power Commander USB can connect to your computer quickly and easily. It will then provide exact information you need to fine tune your fuel injected equipment. Tasks such as changing an air filter, installing an exhaust system, or performing other engine performance modifications can be done very easily.

Dynojet continues to map new calibrations for downloading on the website. If you don't have a computer, you can change the settings with touch buttons that are on the faceplate. Improved harness protection is supplied with the OEM style wiring connectors. A USB special cable and a 9V battery power adapter are both included. The Power Commander 3 provides simple USB connection; it connects automatically to the Power Commander Control Center software. The Power Commander III USB stores the notes from the map in the onboard memory, making it easy to see which map has been loaded. Some equipment and items come with those dreaded hard-to-understand instructions, but don't fret - these instructions are easy to follow. Direct Motorsports can help you with installation if you need it.

All Commander III USB units come with a cylinder trim adjustment that allows the fuel to be offset to one or more cylinders. If you are an advanced user, you can take advantage of the Power Command III USB cylinder mapping that can be done individually. The new Power Commander v comes with many new features including size reduction from PC III USB, USB power from computer, and 2 position map switching. Powercommander v also comes with gear input, analog input, and gear position input connected to the PCV. The gear position allows each cylinder to be mapped individually, a fuel change range, 10 throttle position columns, and improved pump utility.

DynoJet Power Commanders deliver power and so much more! Whether you purchase the III or the V, you are sure to be more than satisfied! Director Motorsports is your powercommander Miami number 1 dealer and we surely offer any Dynojet power part you need or want.


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